Making Friends With Your Microbes

By Kevin Spyker, Certified Healing Foods Specialist from Culture Den What does it mean to be human? Really, truly human? In a moment, you’ll understand why we are 1/10th as human as we previously thought, and how this realization has profound implications for modern medicine and nutrition… all with a little help from my friends… … Continue reading Making Friends With Your Microbes

The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

By: Kevin Spyker Certified Healing Foods Specialist & Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader   Turns out Great-Grandma may have been right all along… Baking soda, vinegar, mason jars, salt, butter, tallow, bone broth, porridge, and yes… liver… The simple tools and ingredients of a bygone era are making a well-deserved comeback, and the deeper … Continue reading The Wisdom of Our Ancestors