Event Day Volunteer

This event is made possible thanks to the help of our volunteers and sponsors. Thank you for the tremendous interest in volunteering for Guts & Glory 2018, we look forward to having you!

Sponsors, Non-Profits, & Food Vendors

Early Bird Participant Registration is Now Open! Thank you for your interest - we look forward to seeing you at the event. Please consider registering with Guts & Glory in 2018!

Why Sponsor This Event?

GG with promo tableThis is a marketing alliance for your company, allowing involvement in a positive high profile event that can serve as a powerful communication tool. Your company's name will be seen throughout the community, among peers and in the press, enhancing recognition of your business as a corporate and civic leader focused on the health of the community you serve, and associated with an effort that positively impacts people's lives.

  • High profile community event
  • Mass public appeal and participation
  • Media exposure
  • Positive impact on the community
  • An important tool in promoting digestive wellness and public education
  • Logo & website featured on MyGutInstinct.org

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Align your company's name and image with a premier civic event with mass public appeal and media exposure, and the only (and inaugural) wellness fair in the region
  • Reach important market segments of the community, patients and providers, men, women, and children of all ages and ethnical diversities, the health conscious and health curious and their families.
  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to the community
  • Unify employees around a positive and inspiring event
  • Foster and strengthen relationships with a variety of business, civic and healthcare organizations

Additional Opportunities & In-Kind Donations

Additional sponsorship opportunities include in-kind donations and reduced rates for participation in our live program, however, space is limited. If you are interested in inquiring about participation in a stage demonstration or an in-kind donation, please email: info@mygutinstinct.org.
We gladly accept donations, including items for our “swag bag”, door prizes, including the grand prize, and monetary donations without exhibiting. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Please refer to our Swag Bag Wish List if you would like to contribute.

Sponsorship Levels

Spirit Sponsorship - Title Sponsor

SJH Penn State

Mind Sponsorship - Venue Sponsor


Body Sponsorship
- $100 -

  • 8-foot exhibition (table coverings provided)
  • Recognition Online
  • Opportunity to host our mascot, Gutsy Girl, at your business

Gut Fuel Sponsorship
(Farmer’s Market, Local Business & Food Vendors)

- $50 -
 - Early Bird Price: $25 -

  • Two 8-foot exhibition booth space (table coverings provided) to prepare, serve, and sell your food
  • Recognition online
  • You keep 100% of the profit from your food sales
  • Opportunity to host our mascot, Gutsy Girl, at your business

Heart Sponsorship

- No charge -

  • 8-foot exhibition booth space (table coverings provided)
  • Recognition online