Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Guts & Glory 2018!

IMG_7353Thank you for your interest in volunteering with My Gut Instinct for Guts & Glory 2018!
We are excited to have you as a part of our team. Once you sign up (below) more information about the event will be communicated with you via email as the event day approaches. If you have specific questions about volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rachael Romig at:

Volunteers are expected to attend TWO EVENTS to help prepare for Guts and Glory (event day; day before setup; Fall Fest; Swag Bag party) and ONE MEETING (mixer; community project for team building).

Please Note: If you were an Event Day Volunteer for any of our previous events, you will still need to use this form to sign up again for the 2018 event.




Volunteer Registration

Guts & Glory Volunteer Registration

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Preferred Events (leading up to Guts & Glory)

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Volunteer Jobs

Friday 10/6 Setup (10am-1pm)
Set all tables, chairs, linens, and décor inside & outside stadium
Ensure tables fit in space
RAIN PLAN – set everything except linens

Clean Up (AM=0 / PM=ALL)
Any volunteers taking PM shifts will help
Collect all linens in pile
Break down tables and place in piles inside and outside stadium
Help to collect décor & pack in trucks

Mini-Registration (AM=2 / PM=2)
Welcome guests with excitement to event
Getting survey/raffle tickets completed to win free t-shirt
Directing guests to main registration area for FREE Swag Bag

Main Registration (AM=6 / PM=4)
Welcome guests with excitement to event
Getting survey/raffle tickets completed for free t-shirt
Handing out Swag Bags after raffle ticket is filled out (1 per family)
Refilling swag bag table from merch shop
Hand out programs (1 per family)
Hand out kids items – coloring sheets & stickers (TBD)
Hand out Kashi bars & bananas from Redners (TBD)

Gate Keepers (AM=3 / PM=3)
Counting people as they come in with “clicker” to have estimated # in attendance
1 @ mini-registration to capture guests that go directly to farmer’s market and not main registration
2 @ main registration to keep eyes open for guests that come directly to main area

Gutsy Girl / Pledge Wall Canvas with Blush n Brush (AM=2 / PM=2)
Enticing people to draw on pledge wall “Tomorrow I will start..” (TBD new slogan)
Get guests to take pics with Gutsy Girl with props – instagram & hashtag

Action Area/Food for Thought (AM=2 / PM=2)
Floating between Zipline, Bounce House Farmers Market & all out-stadium vendors
Help and direct to different areas
Get any vendors things they need in this area
Entice people to try the zipline, shop at the Farmer’s Market & have lunch in the food area

Yoga & Stage Helpers (AM=3 / PM=3)
Direct crowd to area and help with setup (mats, etc.)
Be on hand to be part of a demonstration if needed
Get performers on stage anything if needed

Dessert Table (AM=2 / PM=2)
Cutting & giving away Sweet Street desserts to guests
We will provide cocktail napkins & plastic knives (cut & place one per napkin)

Vendor & Navigation Guides / Floaters (AM=3 / PM=3)
Assist vendors upon arrival to table & get anything for them in the moment (Everyone will do this in the AM)
Float throughout stadium & ask if any other volunteers need help in the moment if they can’t leave their post

Berks County Living Table (AM=2 / PM=2) - TBD
Man the BCL table promoting the magazine and encouraging sales / hand out their freebies

Social Media / Videos (AM=2 / PM=2)
Take creative photos & live video from vendors during day
Send to Rachael afterward (text) for compilation