You may have seen her at different places around town; she brings smiles to those that pass her. You may have heard about her; she is a leading advocate for living better. You may have gotten the chance to snap a photo with her; she’s always ready to make a fan happy. She’s Gutsy Girl On the Go…and the question is, how haven’t you met her yet?

Gutsy Girl is our de facto mascot, representing our non-profit organization My Gut Instinct, and serving as a beacon of good health. She promotes community awareness of health and wellness through preventative health care and holistic well-being every day & everywhere she goes. She is also running around town to spread the word about Guts & Glory 2016, our community-wide free annual health & wellness fair being held at the First Energy Stadium on October 8, 2016!

We want you to meet her! We can’t wait for you to meet her! When you see her around town, make sure to grab a selfie with her and hashtag it at #gutsygirl to be entered to win prizes throughout the year!