The Far-reaching Effects of PTSD in Veterans

By an MGI contributor Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological condition caused by exposure to traumatic events that are outside the normal range of human experience. These events shake the foundation that our mental health is built on and create a disconnect between the victim’s expectations and reality. The effects of PTSD in veterans … Continue reading The Far-reaching Effects of PTSD in Veterans

Arugula and Rice Salad

Source: Redner’s HealthCents, Issue 64 Total time: 30 minutes | Servings: 4 Ingredients 1/2 cup U.S.-grown black rice cooked 1 cup U.S.-grown basmati rice, cooked 4 cups baby arugula, washed 1/4 cup basil, chopped 1/2 cup almond slices, toasted 3 Tbsp. sour cherries, dried and chopped 1/3 cup feta, crumbled 1/2 cup lemon dressing 1 … Continue reading Arugula and Rice Salad


By Aparna Mele Sometimes wellness looks like the art of JOMO (joy of missing out). JOMO is the joy of missing out on the things that drain our lives like toxic hustle, societal comparison, and digital drain. Many of us are always on the go—if not physically, at least mentally and emotionally, we are always … Continue reading JOMO

How to Do the Perfect Squat

*Read the original article here: By Nicole McDermott, medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS It’s sometimes referred to as the king of all exercises, and for good reason. The squat is a full-body fitness staple that works your glutes, quads, and hamstrings and sneakily strengthens your core. It’s time to … Continue reading How to Do the Perfect Squat


National Haiku Poetry Day is on April 17, 2021.  A haiku is a three-line, beautifully descriptive, form of poetry, intended to be read in one breath.  While some forms of poetry have free rein with regard to their subject or number of lines and syllables, the haiku was established in Japan as far back as … Continue reading Haikus

Guide To Home Workouts: How To Set Up & Get Going In 2021

By Matt Quinn, Marketing Assistant ( Introduction: Working Out From Home New year, new you – right? We are as sick as hearing this phrase as the rest of the world, but it does ring true for some people. While the new year’s phrase has become somewhat of a joke in recent years, if you stick … Continue reading Guide To Home Workouts: How To Set Up & Get Going In 2021

Strawberry-Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s edition My Gut Instinct Digest without one chocolate recipe! Try this guilt-free treat: lightly sweetened Greek yogurt gets studded with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips, then frozen so you can break it into chunks just like chocolate bark (but healthier!). This colorful snack or healthy dessert is perfect for kids … Continue reading Strawberry-Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark