Seared Grouper with Black-Eyed Pea Relish

What is American Heart Month? American Heart Association February is American Heart Month, a federally designated event, is an ideal time to remind Americans to focus on their hearts and encourage them to get their families, friends and communities involved. Chances are, we all know someone affected by heart disease and stroke, because about 2,300 … Continue reading Seared Grouper with Black-Eyed Pea Relish

A Deeper Connection With Your Food Will Drastically Improve Your Life

by: Jordan Scroble, Grow Your Own Freedom As we develop a deeper connection with our food we begin to see more of its inherent value. Food is nourishment. It provides our body with the fundamental building blocks and nutrients that it needs to function. Of course, the wrong types of food can wreak havoc on … Continue reading A Deeper Connection With Your Food Will Drastically Improve Your Life

Skin Friendly Foods

With the end of the harsh winter weather, which can be drying and damaging on the skin, seeking remedies to keep the skin healthy and youthful is always high on our to-do lists. Beyond topical treatments, there are actually skin-friendly foods that can be nurturing and rejuvenating. In actuality, whatever you eat that’s good for … Continue reading Skin Friendly Foods

Making Friends With Your Microbes

By Kevin Spyker, Certified Healing Foods Specialist from Culture Den What does it mean to be human? Really, truly human? In a moment, you’ll understand why we are 1/10th as human as we previously thought, and how this realization has profound implications for modern medicine and nutrition… all with a little help from my friends… … Continue reading Making Friends With Your Microbes

The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

By: Kevin Spyker Certified Healing Foods Specialist & Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader   Turns out Great-Grandma may have been right all along… Baking soda, vinegar, mason jars, salt, butter, tallow, bone broth, porridge, and yes… liver… The simple tools and ingredients of a bygone era are making a well-deserved comeback, and the deeper … Continue reading The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

Raw vs. Cooked Veggies

Are raw vegetables healthier than cooked? Do vegetables lose their nutritional value when cooked? Raw foodists argue that cooking kills vitamins and minerals in food and denatures the enzymes that aid in digestion, but it turns out that raw vegetables are not always healthier. A 2008 study from the British Journal of Nutrition noted that … Continue reading Raw vs. Cooked Veggies

Coffee Rules!

Coffee is the morning pick-me-up for millions, increasing wakefulness and improving concentration and focus. However, coffee may offer more than just an energy boost in the morning, and emerging evidence suggests that coffee offers multiple health benefits. Researchers at Harvard found that increasing coffee consumption to an average of 1.69 cups per day over a … Continue reading Coffee Rules!

The Key to a Healthy Gut

Probiotics are “good” bacteria that help keep your digestive tract healthy by controlling growth of harmful bacteria. There are more than 100 trillion different microorganisms in the gut and their functions are vast, including the promotion of normal gut functioning, regulating metabolism, and constituting 75% of our immune systems! In fact, it is the dysregulation … Continue reading The Key to a Healthy Gut

Fiber Up For Your Colon!

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and it brings with it a chance to increase disease awareness, education and support for one of the most deadly, yet most preventable, cancers in the U.S. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women in the US. It affects approximately 150,000 people … Continue reading Fiber Up For Your Colon!