Kick Off The New Year, The Healthy Way

By Meredith McGrath RD, LDN Corporate Dietitian

“Wellness isn’t only about the food you eat or the weight on the scale. It’s about joy & happiness.” – Meredith Mcgrath

With another new year behind us, there is no better time than the present to regain focus on our health and wellness. The start of a new year is always a popular time to set common resolutions such as losing weight. However, making a resolution to lead an overall healthy lifestyle is much more beneficial, and there are so many creative ways to do it! A great place to start getting healthy is in the kitchen. Below we share some of our suggestions for incorporating healthful ingredients into your diet.

Diversify your flour. For example, try coconut. Coconut flour is a healthy way to add decadence to baked goods like cookies and cakes. It’s also high in fiber, gluten-free and low-carb, making it perfect for special diets like diabetic-friendly or paleo.

Cook with healthy fats. Not just an oxymoron, healthy fats actually do exist! An average avocado contains 30 grams of fat, but it’s mostly monounsaturated or “good fat.” This type of fat has been found to lower cholesterol levels, so start swapping out your mayo with a few slices of avocado. Other healthy fats include those found in nuts and seeds as well as fatty fish like salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel.

Pack a punch with lean protein. Most people think of lean protein as boneless, skinless chicken breast, but there are so many more options! Fish is an excellent source of protein, as are eggs, low fat dairy products, beans and legumes, as well as nuts and seeds. All of these high-protein foods make you feel full longer, causing you to eat less.

Incorporate these and more healthy tips in your diet this new year and come visit us at Redner’s Markets, where you can ask your local Redner’s associates to lead you to these fantastic foods as you begin your new health-inspired cooking adventure.

Redner’s Warehouse Markets

On March 1, 1970, Earl and Mary Redner placed their savings and faith into Earl’s dream to open a grocery store, and run it his way.  Forty-five years and 53 stores later, Earl’s purchase of two failing stores has blossomed into the fulfillment of his dream to operate a successful family, employee, and locally-owned company throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

Redner’s prides itself on being an adaptable and flexible company, able to accommodate to industry changes. Redner’s was the first supermarket in Pennsylvania to have scanners, the first to have a recycling program, one of the first to have in store pharmacies, salad bars, and the first employee-owned supermarket in the United States. Redner’s is committed to supporting the local community in which each Warehouse Market and Quick Shoppe is located, through a variety of supportive partnerships, community outreach, and enrichment programs.   Through their HealthCents program, featuring dietician Meredith McGrath, RD LDN, Redner’s is dedicated to improving the well-being of their customers.  This program offers consumers practical nutrition and lifestyle advice for incorporating a wide variety of foods in a healthful diet and lifestyle, and making healthy choices that are affordable and easy to apply to everyday life.   We are honored and proud to call Redner’s a loyal community supporter and sponsor of Guts and Glory since our inception.  Look for them every year at Guts and Glory Digestive and Wellness Expo, and learn how you can make healthier nutritional choices!

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