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Event Registration

Maker’s Market/SmallBusiness, Non-Profits & Large Businsseses

Thanks for your interest in joining us for our 8th annual Guts and Glory Digestive and Wellness Expo 2021! Registration is FREE.

Your participation illustrates your commitment to the health of the community you serve and is associated with a community-wide effort that is positively impacting people’s lives.  Please note the new location at Willow Glen Park, home of ShocktoberFest. 

Your recognition and marketing will appear on our website, our social platforms, and our event program books. We’ll include one article of your contribution in an upcoming newsletter. You will be responsible for bringing your own table and chairs to the event.

Complete the form below to register for our 2021 event:

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The event is from 11am-3pm on Sat, Sept 25th.

We ask that you stay for the entirety of the event to allow our community members full access to you and to eliminate distractions while the event remains active.  We encourage you to have a dynamic presence at your space and create a spirit of interaction with our visitors, who are excited to get educated and find inspiration!!

Interested in joining us a volunteer?