Put Your Mind on Your Eating and Your Eating On Your Mind

By Aparna Mele, MD Not just a trendy mental game, mindful eating is a sort of meditation in motion being actively studied for its far-reaching health benefits. This kind of practice, like other mindfulness techniques, emphasizes judgment-free awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and sensory experiences to help you focus on the meal you are eating, … Continue reading Put Your Mind on Your Eating and Your Eating On Your Mind

Teach Teenagers to Handle Money

Tips about starting teens with a checking account, debit, and credit cards. By Erica Wennell, My Gut Instinct Board and Sun Federal Credit Union  When teenagers leave home, they’re bombarded with credit card and other loan offers. If they’ve already learned to use financial services responsibly, with their parents’ help, they’re less likely to get … Continue reading Teach Teenagers to Handle Money

Mental Wellness During Challenging Times

By Aparna Mele These most challenging times have made the issue of mental health more important than ever. The stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic have been difficult enough, and now the social distancing requirements have led to profound changes in our daily routines. All of us are faced with daily uncertainty about how long this … Continue reading Mental Wellness During Challenging Times

Happiness Chemicals

By Aparna Mele Metabolism, response to injury, stress levels, energy, reproduction — our endocrine system, the system of glands that produce hormones, regulates all these things. Essentially, hormones are the messengers that control many of our bodily functions. They regulate our physical health and our mood. Dopamine is responsible for reward-driven behavior and pleasure seeking. … Continue reading Happiness Chemicals

A Month of Daily Goals This Spring

By Body Zone Sports Clean out the refrigerator and cabinets of all unhealthy, tempting foods Drink water. Americans on average consume an additional 500 calories a day from beverages. If you replace your other drinks with water you’ll not only eliminate the additional calories but also fill the body with its much needed fluid of … Continue reading A Month of Daily Goals This Spring