Gluten Free Pesto Pasta with Steak

With love from: Rachael Romig, owner Just Breathe. Weddings & Events

This year my husband and I discovered that he could no longer eat gluten. (Thank you, Dr. Aparna Mele from Digestive Disease Associates!) We should have seen it coming because he has had stomach issues for some time now but hearing it from a doctor confirmed that we had to change his/our diet. We now buy only gluten free pastas and most sauces (surprise – it’s in SO many sauces) and some are most definitely better than others. It isn’t easy on top of it all that I’m also lactose intolerant…but here we are!

I made this recipe for Zach recently and we both LOVED it! It was so flavorful, didn’t hurt any bellies & was even a good reheat. I hope you enjoy as much as I did! I’m no chef…but I was proud of it.


  • 1 box gluten free pasta (I normally choose thin spaghetti because gluten free pasta tends to be a bit harder no matter how long you cook it)
  • Cherry tomatoes (halved)
  • Spinach (I like to use 2-3 cups or more since it shrinks up!)
  • 3-4 tablespoons Pesto Sauce (premade or homemade)
  • Flank steak


  1. Boil water for pasta – Add a pinch or two of salt into the water.
  2. Heat your oven to 375 degrees. Salt & pepper both sides of the steak. Add two teaspoons olive oil into a pan & sear your flank steak (or cut of choice) on both sides on high on stovetop. Transfer to oven to your desired “doneness”. We prefer rare/medium rare so it doesn’t take very long (5 minutes maybe).
  3. Follow instruction on the amount of time to boil the gluten free pasta. Once drained, transfer back to pot and drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper. Add the pesto sauce and stir. I prefer a lot of pesto sauce so I’m normally heavy handed! I really enjoy Classico Traditional Basil Pesto Sauce and you can find that anywhere.
  4. Add the spinach at this time as well and stir with the pesto sauce. Since it isn’t steamed prior, it still contains a bit of crunch when you eat it but overall the heat of the pasta cooks the spinach once added.
  5. Add the cherry tomatoes last and stir.
  6. By this time the flank steak is done. Remove it from the oven, let sit until you are ready to cut (let the juices redistribute!) and add to the pasta. Cut flank steak in angled thin strips.
  7. Serve pasta in bowls or edged plates and place steak on top. Viola!

**OPTIONAL – You can always sauté the tomatoes and spinach prior to adding to the pasta and pesto if you prefer a softer vegetable. 

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What started as a job out of college (planning & executing nationwide trade shows) led me to open Just Breathe. Weddings & Events, the personalized wedding & event planning experience to the Berks County area. When it comes to expert advice, effective organization and an energetic attitude I highly recommend you call me. (I’m talking to you reader who is super stressed about your wedding or event!)

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Getting the chance to help someone’s vision and dreams come to life while making sure they are enjoying the process is a gift. So many times my clients forget that they should be having a good time through the whole process! That’s no good – they should be happy and loving every minute.

Just Breathe. Weddings & Events offers consultative services at any point of the wedding and event planning process. What starts as consultation many times then turns into day of coordination for the event and sometimes full event planning. Full event planning is very personal and customized to each client depending on where they are in the planning process.

It’s exciting to start something that is yours. At this time it’s me personally helping my clients and I will be the one at their event for execution. I love that. It gives me the chance to connect with them and fully understand their wants and needs. I like to think the impact I have on my clients is energizing yet calming at the same time.

So when you’re ready to lose it over this event you’re planning, just breathe. Everything is going to be okay, and perfect, and wonderful. Just give me a call – I can help.

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