Snack Your Way To Better Health

Those who nibble on snacks in the mid-afternoon tend to pick healthier bites, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago that was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The researchers found that afternoon snackers ate more fiber, fruit, and veggies; while also losing more weight. Snacking helps you … Continue reading Snack Your Way To Better Health

Why the Gym Works

How is the gym great for overall fitness and health? The gym, health club or fitness center, whatever the label, it is pertinent to your overall health, fitness and quality of life.  The stress, sedentary lifestyle and underperforming nutritional habits the gym is integral to help turn your lifestyle around.  By placing yourself in an … Continue reading Why the Gym Works

The Benefits of Cross Training

Cross training is typically defined as an exercise regime that uses several modes of training to develop a specific component of fitness.  A runner, for example, will only utilize certain muscles when running. The hip flexor group and the gluteal group of muscles can get weak causing the pelvis to rotate and continue to affect … Continue reading The Benefits of Cross Training

Eating Before You Work Out?

Yes! A pre-workout meal, eaten three hours within your workout, can offer multiple health benefits that can power you through your fitness practice. Replenishing your glycogen stores with nutrition can improve your energy level significantly during a workout, as your muscles are fueled by the energy created by breaking down glycogen during exertion. Heavy weight-training … Continue reading Eating Before You Work Out?

Staying Fit Over the Fattening Holidays

The holiday season can make it hard to stick to your fitness schedule. Between the chillier temps, holiday pies, land cross-country travel, it can be pretty tough to stay active during the holiday season. Family obligations, work parties, and last-minute shopping means that hitting the gym often gets delayed or crossed off the schedule altogether. … Continue reading Staying Fit Over the Fattening Holidays