By Marc Cuzzuppe
Co-founder and Managing Member of ALPHA AESTHETICS, LLC

The concept of happiness is one of great debate. There is a commonly held belief that our experience is determined by our outside world. The flip side to this coin is the idea that money can’t buy happiness and that we create our own happiness from the inside out.

In “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, he explains that “Circumstance does not make the man, it reveals him to himself.”  With that said, we can make the claim that we are in control of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions at the end of it all. Will there be situations that make us sad or angry? Of course, but what you do with that emotion is what is really important and what really counts. Will you let your sadness turn to depression and consume your life, or will you find solace in those things that you CAN be grateful for? Will you let anger be your automatic response to things that you don’t approve of, or will you work to rewire your response mechanism and use the unwanted situation to propel your development?

We need to realize that there is no magic pill to get smarter or lose weight or find eternal happiness. There’s no secret formula to success. Like it or not, the only solution is hard work and all it starts with is an idea—–an image held in your mind or an end result that you wholly believe will be the outcome of your life. Organize a plan to get there and get to work! Work your butt off until you get where you want to go or do what you want to do or be who you want to be. If you hit a road block or a snafu, change your trajectory and shoot again, all the while adjusting the details of your plan and moving consistently forward towards your goal.

You WILL NOT take no for an answer! When people ask in disbelief, “how do you expect to do that?” You will simply reply “Watch me!”, with the silent confidence that you’ve learned to expect from yourself.



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