Advanced Imaging to Detect Colon Cancer

By William Doyle of Olympus America

Early detection of abnormalities is a critical part of preventing colon cancer. During a colonoscopy, it is important that your physician is able to view the colon in as much detail as possible so that abnormal areas can be detected and treated right away. The advanced imaging technology of Olympus scopes allows your doctor to clearly view the colon during a colonoscopy, allowing for a greater chance of detection. Olympus colonoscopes display images in high-definition (HD), providing the clearest, most detailed view of the colon possible. In the same way that high-definition televisions present a better display than standard definition (SD) televisions, Olympus colonoscopes provide a higher-resolution of the patient’s colon than standard scopes.

How Does Advanced Imaging Help?

With advanced imaging technology, your physician can view your colon in great detail. If there are any areas of concern, your doctor can adjust the focus of the scope to examine the area even more closely. Images are brighter and clearer when compared with images from endoscopes without this technology.

How Does It Work?

Olympus scopes have a Dual Focus feature that allows your doctor to switch from normal focus to near focus mode. With this feature, your doctor can view areas of the colon in greater detail without having to adjust the positioning of the scope. Images from the scope are displayed in high definition, allowing for a clearer, brighter, and more accurate view of the inside of the colon.

The scope captures a continuous set of images, and a Pre-freeze function analyzes the images and saves the sharpest ones. This allows your doctor to quickly capture highly-detailed images, saving time during the procedure and providing a better medical record for you.

All of these advanced imaging features combined allow your doctor to perform efficiently. Clear, sharp images allow for the best possible visualization of the colon, which is critical in early detection of cancer-causing polyps.

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