Date Your Kids?

Written by Andre Young, Founder & President of You Evolving Now, LLC

Remember dating! Getting to know someone, what they think, and who they really are. The dating period is an important time in any relationship and allows you to best evaluate the other person, learn their wants and needs, and them to learn YOU… allowing the relationship to move forward! The problem is… somewhere along the line… your relationship came under attack and went to war with all of your duties of the day, roles you play, and your being “Busy”! Dating your partner should never cease or be put on hold. Be sure to put your love and dating on the schedule and treat it as important as everything else you have on your schedule.

The other people that really miss out on YOU dating them is your children! Remember when they were born and all the times you held them, fed them, played on the floor, etc.! As you have multiple children, it becomes harder… Harder to load everyone all together for an activity, get everyone together all at the same time as your children’s schedule is as hectic as yours, pay for a dinner or fun event for a family of 5, and harder to switch attention at the drop of a hat from a 3-year-old conversation to a 12-year-old conversation.

I’m sure you know and understand the benefits of spending family time together and especially sitting at the dinner table together for a meal. But… today I’m going the opposite direction. It’s difficult to get to know each of your children in a group family setting; arguing with their sibling, competing for attention, or withdrawing as a teen into the abyss of YouTube and Fortnite…  So, what to do?

The answer is… date your kids! Schedule one-on-one dates just you and them (do this early when they are kids and it’s not a shock or corny when they are teens). Dates allow you to see your child in a totally different light, allows for conversations that may not have occurred or may have been interrupted, and makes them feel special that you cared enough and thought about them enough to carve out time in your “Busy” life! These dates don’t have to be expensive, but need to be a balance of what each of you enjoy doing. I have had the greatest time and learned the most over coffee with my daughter, the movies and appetizers with my son, and throwing the ball with my other son. The point is to schedule it (literally put it in your calendar on your phone with alerts), do it, enjoy it, and EVOLVE. The bonds and memories you make will never be forgotten and most likely… your children will repeat it and gift their children… your future grandchildren with dates!

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Andre Young is a speaker, author, and Founder of You Evolving Now. He has taken his 19 years of experience as a Mental Health Therapist; focused on marital, individual, and group counseling; along with his life experiences and created a movement of Positivity, Personal Growth, Relationship Growth, and Lifestyle Enhancement. You Evolving Now is a Life-Enrichment company focused on providing Life-Enrichment Programming for Employees, Athletes, and Individuals; allowing them to EVOLVE and live their best lives as People, Partners, Parents, and Professionals! Find out more at Enjoy your EVOLUTION!!!

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