Travelling Exercise

By Aparna Mele

Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, does not necessarily have to mean leave your fitness goals behind.  It is true that when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, consistency is always crucial to success. Still, while travel workouts are obviously great if you can fit them in, don’t stress about taking a few days off—skipping your workout for a few days isn’t going to set back your progress. But there are so many benefits to breaking a sweat that are worth setting aside some time to train while traveling, such as increased energy and improved mood.  Squeezing in a quick workout or two during your trip can ease travel stress and make it easier to get back in the swing of things after you’ve unpacked your suitcases.

When most people think of exercise, they usually think of people torturing themselves in a gym with weight machines and running on treadmills for hours at a time. While hotel gyms are certainly a possible option, I always feel I would much rather be outside exploring my new surroundings, rather than being cooped up in a gym.  Bodyweight exercises are a simple and effective way of improving strength, muscular definition and flexibility without the need for any equipment, and they are equipment-free and minimal space so you can pretty much do them anywhere! Unfortunately, people often dismiss bodyweight exercises as ineffective because they’re ‘too easy’, or all they can think of are push-ups and lunges.  In the end these exercises are hassle free, and if you focus on form and repetition, you can work your body pretty hard and get a fulfilling workout out of it too!

Other options could include:

  • Use the halls. Walk the hotel halls. Take the stairs or get off the elevator a few floors early and take the stairs the rest of the way.
  • Jump rope. Pack one in your suitcase and take it outside!
  • Try yoga. Welcome the sunrise with a morning yoga routine using an app on your smartphone and get an inspiring head start to your day
  • Use resistance bands. These stretchy tubes, which can be used virtually anywhere, offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them. Use them to strengthen nearly any muscle group.
  • Incorporate water exercise and get wet. Add swimming to your travel adventures or even consider a few laps in the hotel pool.
  • Check out local parks and trails. Grab a brisk walk or take a hike and enjoy the scenic views of your new surround!

If jet lag or schedule changes leave you exhausted, make your workout shorter or lighter than usual. It’s more than acceptable to take it easy once in a while, especially because travel can be so disruptive to sleeping and eating patterns. Travel is not the best time to try to increase your fitness level or achieve new personal goals.  However, regular exercise can help reduce stress and feelings of low energy, which is just what might be needed to add another layer of enjoyment to your travel.  Healthy and enjoying life and new adventures while travelling DON’T have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, being healthy can be the perfect way to help you live in the moment, feeling your best, and say yes to adventures too!

Check out this article, contributed by Michael Nash from Fitness Boutique, for a 30 minute workout that burns 500 calories!

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