Boot Camp Workouts

By Aparna Mele

Boot camp workouts come in all forms theses days, from bridal themed boot camps for toning people up for their nuptials, to military style varieties to increase fitness prowess. Some emphasize cardio and aerobic fitness, while others focus on strength training or weight loss. All, however, share certain features that include serial calisthenics, high intensity aerobic movements, body weight training and often use real world equipment like tires and park benches, along with traditional gym gear like kettle bells.

These workouts target the upper and lower body and core, making it one of the most comprehensive fitness regimens out there. What makes them so effective is that they emphasize total body functional training, which better prepares the body for daily life activities like lifting heavy objects and climbing stairs. These workouts also appreciably burn calories and maximize fitness gains by mixing periods of vigorous activity with short breaks, making boot camp an effective form of high intensity interval training. And like other group fitness classes these workouts kindle a camaraderie among participants and a sense of belonging and cooperation, as they power through an intense workout together. Age and weight do not have to be obstacles, as long as you practice proper form and modify the training to your ability.

Proper form is crucial in boot camp workouts and all exercise regimens, as it is the quality of training that influences fitness progress. Time under tension, angle of movement, range of motion, and many other factors are included in form. It is important to understand the proper mechanics of training to get the most benefit and doing an exercise wrong can result in serious injury.

People with musculoskeletal injuries or who are out of shape may have to start slowly to build up a foundation of strength and physical fitness before attempting an intense boot camp workout. But if you are in shape and taking a class like this is with your abilities, boot camp workouts are an incredibly effective and fun way to work your entire body and raise your fitness levels!

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