Self-Care: YOUR oxygen mask first, then others

By Trina Ziats

Ever wonder why the flight attendant explains to you that, in case of an emergency, you must place your oxygen mask on yourself before you help others?  Have you ever tried to be helpful the day after you had the worst night of sleep?

For goodness sake, stop the stigma that it is SELFISH to care for yourself before others.  More like, its your RESPONSIBILITY to practice self-care.

Many of us are draining and depleting ourselves, trying to do everything for the kids, make deadlines, skipping sleep to catch up on housework…and that is okay, because that is life…

But then, time to recharge.  Time to take a step back

And.  Just.  Breathe.

Self-care doesn’t have to mean going out and getting your nails done, buying the most expensive handbag, or going to a luxurious spa…

Take a hot bath.  Go to a yoga class.  Read a book.  Meditate for 15 minutes. Take a bicycle ride.  Make yourself a hot cup of tea and listen to music.

Take time each day to create little shifts in your life.

People are always saying, “I don’t have time.”  Well, my friend…

MAKE TIME.  I mean that with all the love and warm fuzziness in the world.

Make time.  10 minutes.  15 minutes.  1 hour.  Whatever.  Fit it in your life.  You have managed to fit all the other things in there, it is so possible.

Have the best day ever.

Love, Trina

Trina Ziats is a 35 year old mother to two amazing boys.  She resides in Fleetwood and is Co Director of Culture Shock Performing Arts Center and Director and Owner of Studio 202 (Fitness and Wellness Center) in Hamburg, PA. 

Trina is a dance instructor, 200 RYT, group fitness instructor, essential oils educator, world traveler, and is learning to practice more self-care each and every day.  She hopes to help people empower themselves using the lessons she learned throughout her life.

Studio 202 offers Yoga and unique Cardio fitness classes.  For more information, visit

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