13 Tips For Eating On A Budget

Feeding a family can be an expensive so it’s unfortunate when unused food goes to waste. More than 1/3 of food produced globally is wasted or spoiled. Americans throw away up to 40% of the food they buy, and organic matter in landfills provides 20% of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes considerably … Continue reading 13 Tips For Eating On A Budget

Snack Your Way To Better Health

Those who nibble on snacks in the mid-afternoon tend to pick healthier bites, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago that was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The researchers found that afternoon snackers ate more fiber, fruit, and veggies; while also losing more weight. Snacking helps you … Continue reading Snack Your Way To Better Health

Eating Before You Work Out?

Yes! A pre-workout meal, eaten three hours within your workout, can offer multiple health benefits that can power you through your fitness practice. Replenishing your glycogen stores with nutrition can improve your energy level significantly during a workout, as your muscles are fueled by the energy created by breaking down glycogen during exertion. Heavy weight-training … Continue reading Eating Before You Work Out?

Creating a Sustainable “Green” Plate

A lot of people are “going green” with their menus, buying food that is sustainable, local or organic. Some of those eating greener decide to grow their own food and compost all of their waste, while others are using reusable bags at the grocery store. However you decide to  make food decisions that are environmentally … Continue reading Creating a Sustainable “Green” Plate

Power Up With Pumpkin

There’s more to pumpkins than simply being Halloween jack-o’lanterns. They actually have many health benefits too! Pumpkins are rich in fiber, which keeps you feeling full longer. However, despite being filling, they are also low calorie, with less than 50 calories per serving of canned pumpkin, which by the way is also about 90% water! … Continue reading Power Up With Pumpkin

Foods to Promote Immune Function

When training, no athlete wants a cold to run him down and limit his exercise program. Enter the diet, which can boost immune function and lower the risk of illness. To maintain your immune system, follow an individualized eating plan that is well-balanced and meets your energy, carbohydrate, protein, and micronutrients needs. Determine your fueling … Continue reading Foods to Promote Immune Function

Creative Ways To Use A Pumpkin

When Halloween comes and goes, what do you do with all those jack-o-lanterns and decorative pumpkins? The obvious choice is to use them in delicious recipes. However, carved pumpkins start to quickly spoil after sitting out for 24 hours, making them potentially unsafe to eat.   However, there are so many other clever ways you … Continue reading Creative Ways To Use A Pumpkin